Dead Fader - work it, no RER012

Robot Elephant Records are proud to present a new EP with 4 new cuts by now Berlin-based Synthesizer-extremist and face melting bass worshipper Dead Fader called "work it,no", going in to deep, grinding, noisy post industrial / dub step - and, surprise, Hip Hop territory. It represents another milestone in our mission to bring innovative and sometimes challenging electronic music to the world.

Dead Fader construct savagely abrasive dance tracks from molten blocks of noise and distortion. Intelligently distressed synths and deteriorated samples tap into your innermost cerebral hemispheres; unapologetic dread noise blasting through your core and assassinating dance floors across the world.

First pressing on coloured vinyl, limited to 300 copies.
Comes in full colour print sleeve with artworks by Fumihiko Yokouchi.

Pressing Information

first pressing comes as pink vinyl, limited to 300 copies world wide!


  1. bosched
  2. fishsh featuring sensational
  3. industrial funk stains
  4. das hamster