SID Chip Sounds - The Music of the Commodore 64 RER013

Sid Chip Sounds – The Music Of The Commodore 64 is a compilation of music from classic Commodore 64 computer games. The 19 original pieces of music have been remastered for this release on gatefold double vinyl.
Revolutionary composers such as Martin Galway, Rob Hubbard, David Whittaker and Ben Daglish rose to prominence during the 80s for their technology defying masterpieces whose sounds ranging from simple clicks and beeps to complex musical extravaganzas. Included on this compilation is some of their most celebrated work including music from games ‘Arkanoid’, ‘Comic Bakery’, Last Ninja’ and ‘Sanxion’.

Pressing Information

First pressing - 500 2xLPs in Gatefold Sleeve


  1. 01-Ben Daglish Last Ninja Wastelands
  2. 02-Ben Daglish Last Ninja Wilderness
  3. 03-Ben Daglish Trap
  4. 04-Chris Huelsbeck Giana Sisters Intro
  5. 05 Chris Huelsbeck Katakis Song 3
  6. 06-David Whittaker Glider Rider
  7. 07-David Whittaker Panther
  8. 08-Tim Geoff Follin Gauntlet 3 1
  9. 09-Tim Geoff Follin Gauntlet 3 2
  10. 10-Tim Follin LED Storm Title
  11. 11 Jeroen Tel Cybernoid 2
  12. 12-Martin Galway Comic Bakery
  13. 13-Martin Galway Parallax
  14. 14-Martin Galway Arkanoid
  15. 15-Matt Gray Dominator Song 2
  16. 16-Matt Gray Last Ninja 2 Song2
  17. 17-Rob Hubbard Commando
  18. 18-Rob Hubbard Sanxion