The Church of Synth - S/T RER009

Based in Hanover, The Church of Synth grew up surrounded by vintage analogue synthesizers collected by his father, from whom he not only inherited his love of, but also the knowledge to repair, tune, upgrade and circuit bend these precious machines.
Following long, depressive days listening to the lament and problems of his patients as a student of Psychological Therapy, he decided to let off steam and turning to his synths, in one single night, he laid down the principal skeleton for tracks; Der Fall des Leviathan (The Fall of Leviathan), Christuskirche (Christ Church) and Kathedrale der Ewigen Leere (Cathedral of Eternal Emptiness), in a seemingly uninterrupted stream. From then on, he was hooked to this new exciting sound.

Being a synth worshipper since his early days, it seemed a simple choice to adopt the moniker - The Church of Synth – for his new vehicle. After uploading his first few tracks to Soundcloud, his material immediately caught the attention of such recognised labels as Tundra Dubs, Phantasma Disques and east London independent, Robot Elephant Records (ISVOLT, Husband) – the latter, releasing his self-titled debut LP, in late October.
Like a painter working with a particular palette, TcOS, who sees himself as a “sound researcher", specifically chose the set of instruments, drums and sounds, which can be heard throughout all 6 tracks.
Only the guitars on track Die Paradoxen Gebote Gottes (God’s Paradox Commandments) - resembling the sounds of Neurosis after smoking bath salts - were recorded.
Being sustainable but incomplete, TCoS needed visual interpretation. Taking the supporting role in numerous past live sets, befriended visual artist "renderfarm" naturally became a part of TCoS. Inspired by seclusion and the abbysses of our souls, TCoS's silent part set out to fuse their sound with our mind's eye.

Pressing Information

Initial Pressing ltd. to 300 in Red Vinyl with Digital Download Code


  1. 01 Der Fall von Leviathan
  2. 02 Christuskirche
  3. 04 Die paradoxen Gebote Gottes
  4. 03 Das Droehnen der goettlichen Raeder
  5. 05 Die Kathedrale der ewigen Leere
  6. 06 Enoch und Kokabel
  7. 07 Der Fall von Leviathan Burial Hex Chthonic Downfall Remix
  8. 08 Der Fall von Leviathan Ourobonic Plague Remix
  9. 09 Der Fall von Leviathan Haxan Cloak Remix
  10. 10 Church of Synth - Der Fall von Leviathan Burial Hex Deathcall Remix