Stearica invade Acid MothersTemple and the Melting Paraiso UFO HMC007/RER003

The long anticipated collaboration CD/Double 12” between Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Pariso UFO & Stearica ,is out on the 6th of December 2010.

This record contains two souls, two strong characters. From this concept was borne the idea to have two covers, no front/back but two different covers with each side in the language of one of the bands.

In november 2008 AMT and Stearica toured extensively around Europe, describing that experience such like the best ever for both of them.

...This record is a picture which was shot on the 32th day of AMT and Stearica european tour 2008. The day after the seven of us would have gone back home. But before that we wanted to leave a mark by fixing our experience on tour, so we put some microphones in a room of an old farmhouse and we played just for us and for out friend Koppa who drove thousands of miles and was just going to prepare a special dinner for us before saying goodbye to everyone. On that november we became friends and we invaded a piece of each other stories.

This record is the account of our story.“

Pressing Information

Special Edition with DVD and Blue Marbled Vinyl ltd. to 100 world wide