Woodpecker Wooliams - Sparrow (Single) RER014 Single

'Sparrow' is taken from Woodpecker Wooliams imminent new album 'The Bird School Of Being Human'. Of all the birds that came forward for the School, 'Sparrow' is the most viscious, reflected in its sonic disparity from the others. With a nod to Dolly's 'Little Sparrow', it continues that theme with a splattering of cultural influence from Chairman Mao's famous Great Sparrow Massacre campaign.

Together with the original track, the download comes with 3 remixes. Becky Becky bringing up their cheerful synth pop (which are actually Gemma's synth pop side project with 2 other Brightoneers), Marcus Hamblett aka. Bobby Fripps, who was instrumental in recording the album, and Brighton-based Trip Hop producer 184 Productions.


  1. Sparrow
  2. Sparrow (Becky Becky Remix)
  3. Sparrow (Bobby Fripp's Alt-House Gameboy Disaster)
  4. Sparrow (184 Productions Remix)