Pwin Teaks And The Children Of New H - Kosmische Puppen (Distro - Phantasma Disques) PD-LP-005

Formerly known as Pwin ▲▲ Teaks, a moniker emblematic of Witch House’s Twin Peaks fetish. Twin Peaks references are manifest in sound and image in many a Phantasma Disques endeavour, but have shown a much wider set of interests over the course of past releases. In their best moments their combination of hazy soundscapes, pulsing delays and spoken word cutups can bring to mind early experiments of Nurse With Wound or Seven From Life, though largely simpler, and easier to digest.

Side A

Paradise Walker (Long Version)
Le Dome Du Plaisir De Bilitis
The Sky Above The Port Was The Color Of Television (feat. HOW I QUIT CRACK)

Side B

The Children Of The Showroom Dummies (Part I-III)
Produced by Mater Suspiria Vision, released by Phantasma Disques

Pressing Information

Limited Edition of 300 with Laminated Cover (2 interchangable artworks)