Mater Suspiria Vision - Crack Witch Paracusia (Distro, Phantasma Disques) - LP + CD-R PD-LP-007

The work of Mater Suspiria Vision is known to be a surreal and abstracted experience and Crack Witch 2 is no exception, but there’s a new dimension. Throughout, sung and spoken word vocals weave in and out of the dreamscape sounds. Vocals that add a more human presence amidst the sounds of encroaching terror and vocals that are part of this terror. On the track ‘Paraclusia’ we are greeted by our guide through the seven layers of Crack Witch 2 who in a deadpan tone tells us about the world of Mater Suspiria Vision. Our guide’s cryptic intonations only serve to deepen the mystery.

Side A

A1. Introduction (4:10)
A2 Paracusia (4:24)
A3 The Broken Mirror Of Suzanne Banyon (5:44)
A4 Evil House Of Forbidden Fruits (feat. Prosymna) (5:10)
A5 Suspiria (3:58)

TOTAL: 23:26

Side B

B1 The Trip Garden Of El Diablo (6:50)
B2 TRIP 2013 (feat. voice modifications of Shivabel) (16:50)

Pressing Information