Men in Burka - Techno Allah RER017

Men in Burka got its start in September 2011, just as Khan's previous project with Mario Zoots and Kristy Fenton, Modern Witch, was becoming less active. Up to that point, Khan, the son of a white American woman and a Pakistani man, hadn't had the chance to fully express his own mixed-culture reality. But as his involvement with Modern Witch was winding down, he began writing music that was reflective of his background, and he showed it to Zoots and Strange Powers, his longtime musical collaborators, who were both fans of Kahn's '90s-era hip-hop crew, Future Reference.

Their self-titled debut with the Bay Area's Tundra Dubs label was released on the 15th of May 2012. The album was a blend of various Middle Eastern themes and influenced by the rhythms of modern dance music including Chicago House, Hip Hop, Bass, Electro and Bounce- or as Khan liks to put it, "It's influenced by everything I grew up on, from American traditions to the Middle Eastern traditions of my father".

Techno Allah explores the sound of Men in Burka further - with the A-side representing their signature sample-driven Dance tracks, and the B-side exploring a more psychedelic mood.
Two of the tracks have been previously released on CD and Digital Download, but appear here re-mastered for vinyl by Frank Merritt at Carvery Cuts Studio in London.

Since their first release, the group has gone on to share stages with Balkan Beat Box, Chelsea Wolfe, SSION, Pictureplane, Tanlines, oOoOO and many others. In 2012 MIB played over 30 shows including the two biggest Denver music festivals (Underground Music Showcase and the Westword Music Showcase), played several shows at SXSW and self-released a follow up album titled War / Magic. So far in 2013 MIB played the Artopia festival, opened for Strange Famous Records artist B. Dolan and are booked again for the Underground Music Showcase in July.

"Samples of gun blasts, militaristic shouts, and arabic synths permeate the music, creating something dark, mysterious, and exciting." - Travis Egedy for Ad Hoc ( )

"Men In Burka are the sultans of making an impression on your mind. It’s unforgettable. - This is real intelligent danceable world music heralding from the USA." - Theway Peoplestare for MishkaNYC Bloglin

"Not surprisingly, the outfit's proclivity for defying convention carries over into how the music is recorded. In an era where Ableton has become the norm, Men in Burka uses an eight-track machine and other devices and instruments to compose, giving the band its unique sound." - Tom Murphy for Westword ( )

Pressing Information

12" EP: Limited to 200 copies in hand screen printed vinyl. Comes with sheet & digital download code.


  1. Click Click Click
  2. Techno Allah
  3. Azaadi
  4. Lamborghini Kashmir
  5. Kumb Melah
  6. More Khala