Dead Fader - Scorched SMB LP 003

Most recognised for his sonic extremity, previous Dead Fader work has focused on heavy distortion, melding noise with infectious dance-floor sensibility. With "Scorched", this world collapses in on itself. Stripped back textures expose raw extremity and breadth. The album teeters on it's fulcrum, maxed into the red, rhythm pushing and pulling to a fine-tuned tension and solidarity.

'SCORCHED' is like being driven over wasteland in the boot of a car - MARK CLIFFORD, SEEFEEL

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  1. Creeeeep
  2. 1000 Test
  3. Dusk
  4. Danger Zone
  5. Tubed
  6. Ja
  7. Crampsies
  8. No Exceptions
  9. Town
  10. Scorched